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The article shows how to create own helm repo on github

Create new "helm_repo"on github.
Clone newly created repo:
$cd ./helm_repo/
Checkout to new branch:
$git checkout -b gh-pages
Create empty "index.yaml file" and push to remote repository:
touch index.yaml
git add index.yaml
git commit -a -m "add index.yaml"
git push --set-upstream origin gh-pages
Then go to github.com to your repo settings and scroll down to “GitHub pages” section. Then choose gh-pages branch for the source. Copy the link above to the clipboard.
Copy package with helm chart to local repo (you can use following command to create package from helm chart: "helm package <my-chart>"):
$cp ./ingress-0.1.0.tgz ../helm_repo/
Create index in local repo:
$helm repo index ../helm_repo/ --url https://<github_address>/helm_repo/
Push changes to remote repo:
$cd ../helm_repo/
$git commit -a -m "change index and put helm package"
git push origin
Add new repository via helm CLI:
$helm repo add helm_repo https://<github_address>/helm_repo/
$helm repo update
Install helm release:
$helm install helm_repo/ingress --debug
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